CARL KOLOGIE: How cold was it?
January 12, 2014 1:49 AM

Fortunately, my brother Frank and I left western Pennsylvania just after Christmas and apparently the timing could not have been better.

That Arctic blast just about brought everyone in the Midwest and Northeast to a frozen standstill, according to media reports, and fortunately we were not there to experience and “enjoy” it.

We did catch the tail end of the freeze here in Lake Wales, Fla., and spent Monday evening covering up the shrubbery just in case, but the temps were not low enough to cause any damage.

Tower Lakes, the development that is inundated with residents from Indiana County, is located on Route 27, about 30 minutes from Disney in Orlando and about an hour from Tampa.

Most of the time for the past few weeks we have been traveling from Lakes Wales to Dundee and Winter Haven, neighboring communities, looking for household items and decor for our residence.

It was on one of these trips that we came across a really unique restaurant that was billed as a coffee house and eatery. It was called Cafe Latte and is located near Winter Haven in an area called Orchid Springs.

Situated in a small strip mall along with an antique shop — which was our primary destination — and a beauty salon, the entrance to the cafe is set back and it you didn’t know it was there, you could easily miss it.

Fortunately, the person who was our tour guide, and knew the area very well, was aware of the cafe and it proved to be a great stop for lunch.

Owned and operated by two women, Kristi Linemaugh and Miriam Vioa, the restaurant is not even their primary source of income.

I must admit, and so did the others, it was one of the best lunches ever.

Then we found out that Mirian, a native of Cuba, has perfected and marketed a 100 percent infused olive oil that is called Vigoa Cuisine, a Canary Island Garlic and Herb Splash.

And, or course, this oil is used in just about every item they prepare in their kitchen.

When you look on the bottle is has all zeroes the whole way down from calories to salt.

But it adds a great taste to the food.

The cafe is not open from May through October as the owners tour the midwest, mostly in the Chicago area, doing cooking shows.

The oil has become a big seller for the women. “We have customers from all over the country,” said Kristi.

Their emphasis is on healthy cooking and, of course, that is the rage now.

They have become very successful with a limited staff and as Kristi said, “Two companies, two people.”

Anyone who would like to try Vigoa can get on the website at

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One of the joys of playing golf in Florida is beating up on Henry Minich, of Indiana, (and this could come back to haunt me.)

Henry has been a member of my group the last two times we have played and he has been mumbling under his breath in disbelief.

Abe Grove, Joe Kochman, Arch Brocious, Jerry Clawson, Butch Nanni and Bill Bartlebaugh — all of Indiana County — have been in our golf groups to date.

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