Letter to the Editor: Right decisions?
January 15, 2014 10:39 AM

As I think about the problems people have had the past four years, I find myself so thankful for laughter and those who bring it about because it helps to see the brighter side of life.

God desires for us to live in the joy of walking with him. Praying, asking, listening are our only options to move forward with a better America. However, America is losing God’s blessing because so may of us have turned away from him and his standards of living. Until we search out God’s will for our lives, we will not see a change in our once great nation, and what we see now will continue. God gave us everything we had, including his son. What more could we ask?

I firmly believe that Barack Obama was the wrong choice for president because of the decisions he has made, but have we not failed God in the same way? We should share blame, too.

We need to put aside our worldly ways of living and find our way back to allowing God to deal with our problems. God is in complete control; he is waiting for his people to find their way back to him. When Christ returns, all believers will eternally be with him; however, eternity with the Lord is based on decisions we make here on earth. What decisions will you make, and will they be the right ones? I trust they will.

Vera Mock


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