WEST SHAMOKIN: Valentine's Day dance planned for elementary schools
January 24, 2014 11:00 AM
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RURAL VALLEY — After the Christmas break has come to its end, the students at West Shamokin High School are ready to get back into the swing of things.

New events and activities have already begun to come together. The senior high student council is beginning preparation for its annual Valentine’s Day elementary school dance fundraiser. The dance is a fun night for the elementary students as well as the high school helpers who are always eager to join in on the fun.

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The student council is also beginning to plan something brand new to West Shamokin, called the “Apple Awards,” which is a teachers’ awards assembly. The senior class will vote for teachers to win awards in 10 different categories, ranging from most impactful, to most hip, to most organized teacher. At the assembly, the winning teachers will be presented with their awards. Through this event the council hopes to offer recognition to those teachers who go above and beyond for their students and are truly deserving.

The council is also beginning plans for a spring project as well; they are planning on transforming the high school courtyard into an outdoor classroom. This will allow students and teachers the ability to teach and learn in a different setting while enjoying the beautiful springtime.

In February, 10 West Shamokin SADD chapter members will be attending the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission conference. Plus, the conference has invited a few seniors to come back — those who attended the conference last year — as guest speakers to speak about their Student Ambassador Program and their other activities that had won them the title of PA SADD Chapter of the Year.

[PHOTO: West Shamokin High School senior student council members, from left, Amanda Wensel, Makayla Murray and Jenna Cochran, are helping to put together a Valentine’s Day dance for elementary students from Elderton Elementary, Dayton Elementary and Shannock Valley Elementary. (Submitted photos/West Shamokin High School)]

For Valentine’s Day, the SADD chapter will be selling cans of Crush soda pop that students can send anonymously to their valentines; the receiver of the can has the option to pay and discover who sent them the can and send a Hershey Kiss back in return.

This new year at West Shamokin is looking very promising; full of ambition, excitement and good studying habits.

The level of compassion the students at West Shamokin possess, in both their school and community, is truly something special.


Most everyone gets only one senior year of high school. This year is often the most stressful, exciting and enjoyable year of a student’s life.

Sitting back at their little desks in kindergarten, learning how to write their names, the seniors at West Shamokin High School never would have been able to imagine that they could already be at this stage of their lives.

Well, here we are 12 years later, transformed into respectable and intellectual adults, with our first half of our final year of high school already in the bank.

[PHOTO: West Shamokin High School seniors, from left, Nate Mummert, Courtney Horner, Tori Lowry and Tristan Cribbs enjoying their last Snow Ball recently on the Gateway Clipper in Pittburgh. (Submitted photos/West Shamokin High School)]

The final half of this year is a very busy time for we seniors; not only are we making decisions that will affect our lives forever, but we are also faced with lots of activities as we approach the end of our high school career.

This week we voted for the “who’s who” yearbook poll. This year’s categories included most musical, nicest hair, most opinionated, most likely to fall at graduation, teacher’s pet, class clown, most likely to succeed and many more.

The senior class has also finalized the three-day class trip to New York City, which will feature stops at landmarks all across NYC, including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the 9/11 Memorial, “The Today Show,” Macy’s Herald Square, Rockefeller Center, Chinatown, Little Italy, Central Park, Sony Wonder Technology Lab, Fifth Avenue, Lower Manhattan and Times Square.

Through Feb. 5, the senior class is selling soybean candles to raise funds for our trip.

All the seniors are very excited for the trip and are looking forward to attaining memories to last a lifetime.

This week, the seniors are also meeting for cap and gown measurements.

It’s hard to believe that we seniors are already being fitted for our graduation attire; the end of our senior year is approaching faster any of us would like.

Over the course of our high school years, we seniors have bettered ourselves in a variety of ways; we have attained much more than valuable knowledge from books.

We have learned social and life skills that we will be able to use throughout our lives. I am very proud of the senior class we have become and feel honored to be a part of this class and add my attributes to the greatness of the class.

I wish my fellow seniors the best of luck in all their future endeavors and am looking forward to seeing them succeed.

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