Underage drinking law to be enforced
February 01, 2014 10:58 AM

PUNXSUTAWNEY — State police at Punxsutawney are reminding those attending the annual Groundhog Day celebration Sunday in Punxsutawney Borough that underage drinking laws will be strictly enforced.

In addition, there is a zero-tolerance alcohol rule in effect, meaning that absolutely no alcohol will be permitted on Gobbler’s Knob, regardless of the drinker’s age, according to a statement from trooper Jamie K. Levier, public information officer with the Punxsutawney state police station.

A safety procedure taking place once again at the celebration this year is the searching of bags carried onto buses. Anyone taking a book bag or carry-on bag, police said, will be subject to having it searched prior to boarding a bus.

Unless someone has a parking pass for the area, Gobbler’s Knob and access roads are off-limits, with the exception of designated buses. There are new traffic patterns for those with parking passes and instructions are provided on the passes.

All travel routes and loading areas, according to police, are well-marked and publicized.

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