Letter to the Editor: Things I've learned from reading letters
February 10, 2014 10:20 AM

My father and some of my uncles were in the service of our country during World War II. As a kid they were and they still are my heroes.

My one uncle would sometimes say, “Those good old Democrats …” I just knew that when I grew up, I would be a Democrat. My uncle would talk about one president in particular. I knew he was referring to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In a letter from Janice Dembosky (“Those were the days, weren’t they?” Jan. 15), she does not put dates to the accomplishments listed in her article. It’s good to be optimistic, within reason, for this administration, but, “Wow!”

Robert S. Colgan’s letter (“Leadership lacking on energy issues,” Jan. 19) mentions the morals of our president on the abortion issue and gun control, but he didn’t mention the lying to the American people about his new health insurance. Now our president is saying that smoking pot isn’t so bad. Where is this going? I wish my uncles were still around to see these “tear downs” of America.

The last letter I read was by Pastor Nicholas W. Kostella Jr. (“There is an answer to our problems,” Jan. 29). To me, the outlook seems bleak. However, the book he mentioned is the most published book in the world, so I’ve been told. I see Pastor Kostella has some references to the Bible in his letter, and I suspect he could have more if we were to hear one of his sermons. He seems to be optimistic about America in his letter.

Vernon Blystone


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