Letter to the Editor: Don't park illegally in handicap spaces
February 12, 2014 10:59 AM

If you do not have an authorized placard or license plate, it is never acceptable to park in a handicapped parking space — even for a few minutes. When you do so, you are breaking the law.

Furthermore, you are preventing people with disabilities from exercising their rights to equal access to area buildings and services.

This issue is particularly important in bad weather. Think of the safety issues that ice and snow present to everyone; now, imagine how much more difficult these conditions become when you must navigate them with a disability.

I urge residents of Indiana County and faculty, staff and students at IUP to obey the law governing handicapped parking spaces and to respect the rights of the members of our community who have been authorized to use them.

Ann Amicucci


adjunct faculty, IUP

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