WEST SHAMOKIN: School hosts 200 elementary chorus festival singers
February 28, 2014 11:00 AM
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RURAL VALLEY — On Feb. 21, the Armstrong County elementary schools hosted the PMEA District 3 Elementary Chorus Fest at West Shamokin Junior-Senior High School.

More than 200 excited elementary school students walked through the doors of West Shamokin on Friday morning ready for a day filled with fun and lots of singing. The students were divided into two groups — Chorus 1 and Chorus 2.

[PHOTO: Erik Winger directed Chorus 2 during the PMEA District 3 Elementary Chorus Fest at West Shamokin High School on Feb. 21. (Submitted photo/West Shamokin High School)]

Chorus 1 was under the direction of Shawn Funk, an elementary music specialist/ choral director and music department chair in the Fox Chapel Area School District. Chorus 1 featured students from Buffalo, Dayton, Elderton, Hickory Grove, Keystone, Lenape, Luthersburg, Penfield, Punxsutawney, Shannock Valley, South Buffalo, Sykesville, Wasson and West Hills elementary schools.

Chorus 2 was directed by Erik Winger, a Carnegie Melon University graduate who is a professional vocalist, teacher and guitarist in Orlando, Fla.

Chorus 2 was comprised of students from Blairsville, Brockway, C.G. Johnson, Clarion Area, Clarion–Limestone, DuBois, East Pike, Eisenhower, Immaculate, Juniata, Oklahoma, Purchase Line, Saltsburg and St. Bernard Catholic elementary schools.

Throughout the day, the little singing proteges learned and practiced their songs for the concert that evening. This day would not have been possible if it were not for the Tri-M high school students, under the direction of Cathie Reefer and Valerie Wilson, who helped throughout the day to keep everything running smoothly.

Proud parents filled the auditorium seats as the students backstage were a bundle of nerves. At 7 p.m. the curtain rose and the students delivered a fantastic performance that proved that all their hard work paid off in the end.


The “Who’s Who” senior class poll is a staple in everyone’s senior year. It allows seniors to have a little fun by placing their fellow classmates into categories they know them to fit.

The West Shamokin High School yearbook staff has created 20 diverse and creative categories for this year’s “Who’s Who.”

Starting off the list are two seniors who are always dressed for success with style and fashion — the best dressed was awarded to Courtney Horner and Nate Mummert.

The next category was created for those who sing the best notes and play the most amazing melodies — most musical was awarded to Anna Skamai and Brandon Schamberg.

Kristen Templeton and Christopher Schink have the brightest smiles around the halls of West Shamokin, so they were voted best smile.

These next two seniors always seem to have a sparkle in their eyes when you pass them by — the title of nicest eyes was awarded to Ryan Myers and Laken Klonowski.

Ashley Wingard and Vinny Perry are two seniors that could be on hair care commercials — these two were voted best hair.

Known to stay up into the Wii (get it?) hours of the morning playing a newly released game, Travis Honkus and Rachel Greenawalt were voted biggest gamers.

Most likely to take over the world, Kelsey Atlman and Vincent Passerini were voted most likely to succeed.

Next are two students who always put a smile on your face whenever you see them — Jacob Wagner and Abbygail Hampshire were voted as class clowns.

Having quite the evolving year, Elle Gandolfi and Brian Brown were voted as most changed.

Voted most athletic, Zane and Kelly Clowser are two seniors who spend as much time on the court as they do in the classroom.

These next two students could be convinced into believing just about anything — voted most gullible were Jessica Walker and DJ Hough.

Our next category was awarded to four seniors who always have each other’s backs — this year’s best friends are Makayla Murray/Jenna Cochran and Brock Kennedy/Chris Haley.

Voted most opinionated, Kyle McElwain and Amanda Wensel never hesitate add their two cents to any conversation.

A category true to only western Pennsylvania — biggest redneck went to Bethani McCausland and Andrew Brocious.

Our next two seniors are quite the social butterflies — voted biggest flirt were Senika Webb and Mick Galbraith.

Voted most artistic, Hannah Skamai and Jackson Perseghetti are two seniors who are always doodling in the margins on their school papers.

Two seniors who are always available to help out the teachers at West Shamokin are the couple of Victoria Lowry and Austin Bussard, named teachers’ pets.

Next, we have two seniors who could be considered a level above accident prone — voted most likely to fall at graduation, Jennifer Yassem and Alex Testut.

With their contagious laughter, Charalene Patterson and Logan O’Brian were voted best laugh.

Finally, with the nicest wheels in the student parking lot — Tristan Cribbs and Logan Altman were awarded nicest car.

The “Who’s Who” results are always fun and interesting for the senior class.

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