CAMPAIGN 2014: Reed announces re-election bid
March 03, 2014 10:50 AM
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State Rep. Dave Reed, R-Indiana, announced today that he will seek to return to the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives to serve a seventh term representing the 62nd Legislative District.

“During my time in office, I have worked every day to try to build a better quality of life for each and every member of our community. I’ve striven to provide honest, respectable leadership that my family, my friends, and our community can be proud of,” he said in a statement.

Reed pointed to issues like job creation, fiscal responsibility, pension reform and poverty as key focal points over the next few years.

“With our country just beginning to recover from the very difficult economic challenges of the recent recession, we must continue to evaluate government’s role in job creation. The days of corporate welfare and billion dollar bailouts must come to an end. Government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers; but instead, creating an environment where every business and every worker can have an opportunity to succeed.”

To bring economic prosperity back to our communities, “we need to level the playing field for job creators, invest in our workers, and create a 21st century infrastructure across the commonwealth,” Reed noted.

To that end, Reed pointed to the successful enactment of his proposal to close the Delaware Corporate Tax Loophole and his support of comprehensive transportation funding over the past year.

“Job creation and economic prosperity go hand in hand with fiscal responsibility and a government that lives within its means,” he said. “It’s a simple concept; government shouldn’t spend money it doesn’t have.”

During his current term in office, Reed also launched his Empowering Opportunities: Gateways Out of Poverty initiative, an exploration of the barriers preventing individuals and families from successfully making the transition out of poverty. The initiative has been particularly focused on finding the key components to the most successful programs in combating poverty and producing measurable results.

“We live in the wealthiest, most developed nation in the history of the free world, but still we have 46 million of our citizens living in poverty each and every day, all while spending nearly a trillion dollars a year on anti-poverty efforts. This can’t possibly be the best we can do in America in the year 2014 — our most needy citizens and our taxpayers deserve better,” said Reed.

Reed noted the need for common-sense pension reform in Pennsylvania, saying “our first priority must be keeping our commitment to our retirees and our active state and school district employees all while creating a system that is sustainable for the long term.”

A 1996 graduate of Homer-Center High School, Reed went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics/economics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and his Master of Governmental Administration degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Reed and his wife, Heather, live in White Township with their children, Joshua, Gracie and Ellie, and are members of Grace United Methodist Church.

Reed currently serves in the leadership position of House Majority Policy Committee Chairman. In addition, he serves on the board of directors of the Team Pennsylvania Foundation, a public/partnership focused on economic development and job creation, as well as being involved in numerous local community organizations.

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