Letter to the Editor: Just vote no to divided government
March 07, 2014 10:20 AM

It’s not too early to think about the 2014 midterm election and the 2016 presidential election. The divided government we have now is not working for us because one party decided in 2008 that they would not participate in governing. The scheme was and still is to make it look like the president and Democrats are ineffective leaders.

With the political tactic by Republicans of saying “no” to everything, it’s clear we need one party in control of all three branches of government to get the people’s business done. Which party should we trust to support the middle class?

Recent history should help with your decision. President Obama is not running again, so I don’t need to defend his 45 percent approval rating. However, a review of the facts will show that his approval rating is unfair and that he and the Democrats are victims of five years of relentless obstruction and negative propaganda by the right wing.

The March 3 issue of Time magazine listed some of the president’s accomplishments in traveling “The Long Road Back” from the economic collapse Obama inherited:

• Steady job growth since 2009

• Deficit cut in half

• Troops coming home

• Bin Laden dead

• 42,000 miles of road improvement

• Advances in electric cars

• LED lights

• Solar power

• 110,000 miles of broadband

• Doctors using electronic records doubled

• Hospitals keeping electronic records quintupled

• Launching race to the top in education

• Affordable Care Act working as planned — a big saving to our nation and a godsend to millions.

Despite GOP attempts to turn Benghazi, the IRS questioning of groups claiming tax-exemption and NSA “spying” into scandals, investigations have not supported those accusations.

Are you ashamed that no Republican leader has called out the uncivilized name-callers, racists, birthers, science-deniers and the dregs of society who show unprecedented disrespect and demonization of the president and first lady?

We may get a chance to vote for our first female president in 2016 and that woman is going to be a Democrat. If you plan to vote for her and want to see her be successful, don’t give her divided government. Give her a Senate and House she can work with. Checks and balances only work if both parties work together to govern. However, we have a new era of extremist politicians, and divided government doesn’t work anymore.

Everett Dembosky


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