HOMER-CENTER: Teen writer pens her first novel, 'Heartless'
March 07, 2014 10:50 AM
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HOMER CITY —A young Homer-Center student by the name of Mya Zemlock has recently done some astounding work. The 14-year-old Zemlock has authored a novel. Her novel, titled “Heartless,” is a story told in a dangerous world filled with zombies, where a 15-year-old heroine by the name of Alex and her friends must fight for protection.

In order to save the plot, Zemlock hasn’t shared much more on the story besides those few details. However, she has stated that “Heartless” is the first of a trilogy. So if you become a fan, be sure to continue to look out for any upcoming novels along the way.

[PHOTO: Mya Zemlock, a student at Homer-Center High School, has written a novel titled “Heartless.” (Michael Sweeney/ Homer-Center High School)]

Zemlock’s influence for her book can certainly be said to be linked to her love of reading. Zemlock can often be found reading story after story, often expanding various genres in the realms of literature.

As a result, her own novel is said to expand various different genres as she has been influenced by a lot of different works. However, Zemlock’s love for zombies, dystopian and apocalyptic worlds has certainly been the biggest factor for “Heartless.”

Homer-Center school librarian Sarah DeVivo is a big supporter of Zemlock and said, “Mya is an avid reader. Her enthusiasm for reading all genres, combined and incorporated with her excellent verbal and communication skills, provide the fundamental elements for storytelling.”

DeVivo, one of the few who actually had the chance to read Zemlock’s draft of her story, said she was very impressed and blown away by Zemlock’s ability to develop characters and the depth of it all.

After reading “Heartless,” DeVivo told the Blairsville Dispatch, “‘Heartless’ is a compelling as well as an emotional story. Mya knows her characters, from where they came and where they are to go within the story. It is obvious she enjoys writing stories because she can dream and place herself into her own setting, events and her characters.”

With all the support Zemlock has picked up with her book, she has been researching and looking to publish her novel. So, in the future, it could be possible that we all could be seeing Zemlock’s works in various bookshops and online.

This story is definitely a shining story for Homer-Center, and maybe we all will start to see more young authors getting their works of art published.

Zemlock said that she has “always loved reading and writing. So when it came to writing my own story, it just came naturally.”

When asked about her reasoning for writing, Zemlock said, “This was an accomplishment for my own self and not a way to sell millions of copies and make as much money as possible. I just wrote it to share my own story.”

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