ICTC: Health occupations students pass certification tests
March 07, 2014 10:50 AM
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The Indiana County Technology Center have had a total of 13 Health Occupations Technology students pass their Nursing Assistant Certification tests.

Danielle McCaulley, Cierra Roy, Bailey Sinclair, Chelsi Secrest, Tessa Brown and Tristen Fisher, students in the morning program, earned their NA certification along with afternoon students Christiana Creps, Jessica Gorman, Caitlin Hauser, Megan McCullough, Katelynn Miller, Megan Wadding and Jasmine Wilson.

[PHOTO: Morning Health Occupational Technology students who passed their Nursing Assistant Certification test at Indiana County Technology Center, bottom row, from left, are, Bailey Sinclair, Danielle McCaulley and Tessa Brown; second row, Tristen Fisher and Chelsi Secrest; and at top, Cierra Roy. (Torri Miller/Indiana County Technology Center)]

[SECONDARY PHOTO: Afternoon Health Occupational students from ICTC who passed their Nursing Assistant Certification test, bottom row, from left, are Caitlin Hauser, Jessica Gorman and Christy Creps; second row, Megan McCullough and Katelynn Miller; and at top, Jasmine Wilson. (Torri Miller/Indiana County Technology Center)]

ICTC congratulates the students for showing their cutting-edge skills learned at the career and technology center.

The National Nurse Aid Assessment Program sends a representative to the ICTC to evaluate and critique the performance of students based on their hands-on skills and written test portions.

There are a total of 20 skills the students need to master by the time of their exam, as applying one knee-high stocking, assisting to ambulate using a transfer belt, dressing a client with a weak arm, providing oral care, etc. Before the test begins, the evaluator from the Red Cross randomly selects five skill sets the students must demonstrate for their testing. This is the element of the test that makes the students most nervous.

These students have learned and developed skills from HOT instructor Dina Rhodes, and Tammy Nalevanko, HOT instructional aide.

They help their students prepare for the NNAAP exam so they can succeed. Throughout their years at ICTC, students have the chance to obtain 37οΎ½ hours of actual clinical time at a skilled nursing facility.

They attend clinical every week at either Beacon Ridge or St. Andrews Village in White Township to get “on-the-job training” as an insight to their future careers. Once they acquire their NA certifications, they can start working as a certified nursing assistant in local skilled nursing facilities.

CTE month winners honored

In celebration of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, ICTC recognized outstanding attendance. The students with the best attendance for the month of February were eligible to win a weekly prize or grand prize.

The first week of February winners were Tonia Bruner and Evan Jeffries, awarded SKILLS USA T-shirts and insulated coffee mugs.

Week 2 winners were Richard Canton and Alexa Rager, awarded SKILLS USA T-shirts and insulated coffee mugs.

Week 3 winners were Jacob Riva and Fiona Kalu, also awarded SKILLS USA T-shirts and insulated coffee mugs.

The last week of February perfect attendance winners were Daisey Kantz and Mariah Webb. They received insulated coffee mugs.

Two grand prizes were offered to all students who had perfect attendance for the entire month of February. Matthew Cook won one of the grand prizes, which was a WyoTech hoodie and WyoTech backpack.

Zachary Uss also won a grand prize and was awarded a Coca-Cola beach chair set.

For CTE Month the ICTC also held a series of activities for the students to participate in.

Duck Dynasty dress-up day was held on Feb. 21. The students had the chance to dress up like one of their favorite Duck Dynasty stars. The best-dressed Duck Dynasty winners were Zach Edwards and Benjamin Rudd. They both were awarded a duck call.

But not just any duck call — their duck calls were made at ICTC using the 3-D printer.

In conclusion of CTE Month, a duck toss was held on Feb. 28, where students could buy a rubber duck, or as many as they wanted, for $1 each. More than 400 ducks were purchased by students and teachers, which made them eligible to participate in the duck toss.

There was a competition held to see which student could toss their duck closest to the target.

All the students had to stand closely in a circle formation and throw their ducks all at once. Whichever student got the closest to the target won.

Morning session winner Ciera Roy was awarded a breakfast with three friends, compliments of the Culinary Arts program. Afternoon session winner Amy Amino was awarded a lunch with three friends, compliments from the Culinary Arts department.

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