Letter to the Editor: Mob mentality marks IUPatty's Day
March 14, 2014 11:00 AM

It was extremely discouraging and shameful seeing the IUPatty’s Day “revelry” displayed on the recent evening news.

It would seem that self-discipline has been replaced by out-of-control mob mentality, resulting in destruction and senseless disruption.

It was made clear that IUP does not sanction any such activities and others are drawn to the area to join in the festivities.

I know there are many sensible young people who choose not to participate in these out-of-control situations brought on by excessive drinking and partying. Unfortunately, drinking has become a recreational sport resulting in excessive partying and a defiance of authority.

One student interviewed said he felt the police should spend their time apprehending criminals. Unfortunately, mob mentality brings out the worst in some individuals, thereby placing everyone at risk.

Criminal behavior is definitely revealed in the police reports (assault, battery, rape and vandalism). The police are called upon to maintain order and enforce laws that are in place to protect the general public. When an individual is in an “altered state,” good judgment is nonexistent.

As reflected in the news, this shocking behavior seems to be escalating on many college campuses. State College has resorted to paying bars to close to eliminate damage to individuals and the community.

Apparently these outrageous mob activities have become “cool” and all too frequent. It definitely makes one question the term institutions of “higher” learning!

I have been a resident of Indiana all of my life, and our community has seen many positive changes as we continue to grow and prosper. Our downtown looks beautiful and is very welcoming. An effort has always been made to maintain and improve relations between “town and gown.”

Fortunately, there are many IUP students who willingly contribute their time and talents to enhance our community during their college years. I, along with many others, greatly appreciate and commend their contributions. In addition, many IUP grads have remained here to establish businesses and residency.

The borough council, county commissioners, law enforcement officials and all of us as good citizens need to seek solutions to some serious ongoing problems that exist so that we can all be proud of our town. We need to live up to higher standards of respect and cooperation.

Then we can aspire to living “the wonderful life” environment that is worthy of pursuing.

Marianne Kuzneski


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