Letter to the Editor: We all have a choice to make about our future
April 20, 2014 1:19 AM

Life for most of us is not a steady stroll through time, and not all changes are our choice to make. We have 24 hours in a day to wonder if today is the day our enemy will destroy our country and the lives of its people.

Will it be necessary for God to allow persecution to come our way to awaken us to what we have taken for granted? Christ deserves our loyalty at all costs because the day will come when we will have to stand before him at the great white throne.

I find it difficult when our rights are ignored. For the past four, going on five years now, we’ve had to witness unconstitutional changes being made and watch America get further into trouble and deeper into debt. Could this be the result of turning away from God and our sinful way of living that we are going through all these trials?

I fear we are beyond man’s help, and now is the time to turn back to God as a nation. We can’t utter God’s name or we are punished, but we can do the most vile thing and are applauded. Our faith is shaken by our dishonest administration as we watch America fall apart before our very eyes.

God is the only one we can depend on that will never lie or let us down. How long will we have to wait before we allow God to exert his power over our nation and lead us in a new direction?

Life is filled with choices and changes, but the right choice should be through Jesus Christ, and his changes will be eternal and his love unconditional. Who you choose to follow today will be your choice. I, for one, am glad that I can choose Him.

Vera Mock


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