Letter to the Editor: Learning from Franklin Regional tragedy
April 21, 2014 10:59 AM

There are some important lessons to be gleaned from the Franklin Regional tragedy that should convince the Indiana school board and others to rethink their positions.

First — The Indiana school board expresses great confidence that the local police can respond to a deadly attack in our schools, so promptly that having armed guards in the school is entirely unnecessary.

How well did that view work out just down the road from us?

Almost two dozen students and staff were knifed before the assailant was tackled by a principal of the school. Where was the rapid police response that the Indiana school board relies upon?

Second — How effective was it for Franklin Regional to have an unarmed security guard in the school? Instead of being able to protect himself and the school community, he was rendered helpless by being stabbed by the assailant.

Third — How well did locked doors and security cameras prevent this tragedy?

Fourth — To those whose view is that if we ban the weapon we solve the problem ... do we now ban kitchen knives?

Last — There is a pervasive belief on our school board, and with a large segment of our community, that school violence only happens in large, urban schools and, thus, we should not turn our safe little schools into “armed camps.”

No doubt, the Murrysville community and school officials felt the same way.

Our school board’s deliberate ignorance of the reality of school violence will eventually lead to a tragedy in our schools, just like it did in Franklin Regional.

And our school board members will give emotional speeches about the senseless tragedy while they should be on their knees, apologizing for choosing to leave our children unprotected from school violence.

Terry Ray


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