Letter to the Editor: What program is next to be reduced?
April 24, 2014 11:00 AM

Indiana High School was once known as a first-class educational institution. I personally have been grateful for my education there that allowed me to pass exams for entrance to the Naval Academy without benefit of a prep school. Most of the scores of Indiana graduates who entered the Naval Academy while I was a Blue and Gold officer also speak to this education.

Something dreadful has happened over the last few years. To contain costs for the bricks and mortar on six district buildings for fewer than 2,800 students today — the same six buildings held more than 4,000 students in the past — the school directors have consistently attacked the academic program.

Latin, once taught in all first-class high schools, was deleted; Chinese taught to elementary students and a difficult academic program was dropped; physical education and health recently were attacked, even in this time of national concern for child obesity.

Now there is the move to reduce the musical program despite its accomplishments.

What is next: English, math, American government, coaches?

I felt one board member was particularly hypocritical. Despite claiming a very musical family, he voted against the tabling of the plan to diminish music in the district by stating that this plan was an opportunity to try something different with a part-time teacher. Trying to drive a car with three wheels instead of four is an opportunity to try something different also, but who does it?

Move fifth grade, close an elementary building and use the $1 million savings for academics. Parents of future high school students: Beware of the possibility of a second-class academic institution.

Bill Balint


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