CALVARY BAPTIST ACADEMY: Bible Quiz Team places third at state competition
April 25, 2014 10:50 AM
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On April 12, the Bible Quiz Team from Calvary Baptist Academy participated in the Keystone Christian Education Association State Bible Quiz Tournament at Carlisle.

The students were asked questions from I and II Corinthians by the quiz master, Ethan Sheetz. At the end of the day, the team placed third. Even though they would have liked to have finished higher, the students were happy to have hidden God’s Word in their hearts.

[PHOTO: Calvary Baptist Academy’s Bible Quiz Team placed third at the Keystone Christian Education Association state competition. From left are Rachel Covato, Isaiah Sharp, Joel Knupp, Matthew Hilliard, Jack Marshall and Brittany Prugh.  (Submitted photo/Calvary Baptist Academy)]

The Calvary Baptist quiz team consisted of senior Mattew Hilliard; sophomores Rachel Covato, Joel Knupp, Brittany Prugh and Isaiah Sharp; and freshman Jack Marshall.

On Tuesday, Calvary Baptist Academy hosted its annual spring concert. This is a wonderful time when all the students get to share with the audience what they have been learning through music. The students enjoyed showcasing what they had worked so hard to prepare.

Each grade at the Academy had been practicing different songs to perform for the audience.

The concert consisted of musical selections presented by the band and the kindergarten, elementary and high school choirs. Furthermore, Lucy Shao, a ninth-grader, and Andy Chen, an eighth-grader, performed classical piano solos. Kayla Chambers, a ninth-grader, and Rachel Covato and Brittany Prugh, sophomores, delighted the audience with their woodwind trio.

Everybody in attendance at the concert also enjoyed being able to get a taste of what the kids at the academy work on during school — a view most people do not get to see much of.

On Monday, the academy had the honor to meet the ministry team from the Wilds Christian Camp, located in Brevard, N.C., that hosts several camps each summer and where the senior class at the academy goes for their senior trip.

The Wilds ministry team has been traveling all over the country meeting with many young people. One of the members of the Wilds ministry team was Donald Helman, an alumnus of Calvary Baptist Academy.

While the team was with us on Monday, we participated in several activities including big ball volleyball and pingpong baseball as well as two different chapel services. A few skits were also performed by the group. The high school students enjoyed this break from the normal class schedule.

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