Beeken has high hopes for Restless Road
May 01, 2014 11:00 AM
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Losing a band member isn’t keeping Restless Road from moving forward.

The band, which became a household name after appearing on Fox’s “The X Factor” last season, is currently working with a Nashville company that not only is helping them find a new member to complete the trio, but will help them write, record and ultimately get signed with a major record label.

“Last year, before I auditioned for ‘The X Factor,’ I was living in Indiana and it was the beginning of my senior year,” said Zach Beeken, who’s in the band. “I put some videos on YouTube and started putting them on my Twitter and stuff like that. Someone reached out to me.”

That someone was a representative from Starkitechs and Dynamite, partnership companies that worked in Nashville and ended up helping Beeken put a Rascal Flatts cover on YouTube.

When he ended up as a contestant on “The X Factor,” eventually making it to the second-to-last round, work with the company was set aside.

Colton Pack, a member of the three-member band that was created by Simon Cowell for the show, left the group shortly after the season finale.

“After Colton left, the first thing I thought of was to call (the company in Nashville),” Beeken said.

Beeken said at the time he was “freaking out” because Colton left and hoped that the company could help him and bandmate Andrew Scholz.

“Andrew and I went to Nashville in February and met with (the representative from Starkitechs and Dynamite)and talked to him and we kind of liked what he had to offer.”

The company puts together musical talent, writes and records songs and then promotes them to major record labels.

The company found a possible match for the group.

“They found a third guy that they think will fit great with us,” Beeken said. “I’ve heard him and he sounds great.

“I’ve heard his songs. … They played us some audio of him singing. He’s great singing-wise, he sings our style, he’s great at guitar.

Contractually, Beeken is not yet permitted to say who the mystery third member might be.

Last week, Restless Road signed a contract with the company. The next step is to visit a studio in Missouri, where they’ll spend about six weeks writing and recording as well as getting to know the third band member — and make sure he’s a perfect fit.

“The most important thing is the chemistry that you have in a group. Everyone has to be on the same page,” Beeken said.

For Beeken, losing Colton as a member of Restless Road was hard.

“We had so many memories that we made. (‘The X Factor’) was a journey that we all shared together.”

But he said he’s ready to move on with his career.

“At the end of the day, if he didn’t want to do it … it’s best that he left when he did, because the last thing we want is to be in the middle of something when he leaves.”

Since the show’s end, Beeken has not only been working diligently on Restless Road’s future, he’s been doing some fun things, too. Like attending a Hunter Hayes concert and spending time in Florida and Nashville with Scholz.

Until he heads to Missouri, he said, he’ll be spending time with family in Indiana.

There’s a possibility that the band could have a single by summer, Beeken said, but there’s no way to be sure right now.

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