Letter to the Editor: Paul Corbin the right choice for state representative
May 10, 2014 10:49 AM

In an April 24 letter to the editor (“Upcoming primary election is critical,” Pat Leach), the writer spoke briefly about the candidates running in the 66th State House race (for a seat currently held by Sam Smith), but she left out a lot of details for the candidate I am supporting, Paul Corbin.

Paul Corbin is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

He is currently a Jefferson County commissioner and is the only candidate who is a proven job creator; he has created hundreds of jobs to help grow the local economy and offer much-needed employment opportunities for our residents.

Paul Corbin is the only candidate who has actual experience developing and passing a budget and a balanced budget at that.

Paul Corbin will be a citizen legislator, and has already pledged to turn down state perks, such as a state vehicle, per diems and the pension and will not serve more than three terms.

The previous writer commended Cris Dush as being a man of integrity and how he has run a respectful race. Is it respectful to criticize Paul Corbin’s distinguished record of public service to his community?

Can we trust Cris Dush when he speaks about the golden state pension but doesn’t admit that he too receives a state pension? What type of character does someone possess that willingly accepts cash donations from a radical statewide group (Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania) that is funded by millionaires and that has no real interest in our local needs?

I really hope when the voters go to polls on May 20, they vote for the candidate that gives our area the best chance to have success and someone they can actually trust, and that candidate is Paul Corbin.

Ron Smith

Glen Campbell

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