Gazette honors student reporters
May 03, 2014 10:54 AM
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With 53 years of experience at The Indiana Gazette under his belt, former managing editor Carl Kologie was the guest speaker Friday at the Gazette’s annual School News reporters’ luncheon.

The luncheon this year was held at the Rustic Lodge in White Township, and student writers and their advisers from Harmony, Homer-Center, Indiana County Technology Center, Marion Center, Penns Manor, Purchase Line and Seeds of Faith were in attendance.

Kologie, Gazette managing editor from 1993 to 2003 and a sports writer and editor for years before that, offered his views on how journalism has changed over his career.

“When I started at the Gazette, it was a typewriter, cup of coffee and a cigarette … like Jack Klugman in ‘The Odd Couple,’” he said. “Linotype machines used hot lead type in the composing room and makeup men did the pages. If they dropped the type, it had to be sorted out.”

[PHOTO: Student reporters in attendance at the luncheon held in their honor Friday at the Rustic Lodge in White Township were, front row, from left, Gabrielle Coy, Amanda Lucas, Brianne Guzman, Hope Hankinson, Sierra Berringer and April Boyer; second row, Julia Buggey, Gabrielle Reese, Claire Kirsch, Savannah Redden, Torri Miller and Alex Berkavich; and third row, Nicole Elli, Hannah Shirley, Michael Sweeney, Jakeb Rising and Chanel Sherry. (Jamie Empfield/Gazette)]

When the Gazette moved in 1970 from Philadelphia Street (where the courthouse now stands) to its present location on Water Street, the company shifted from hot type to offset printing.

“Technology kept so far ahead of us that we had just learned one system in producing the paper, when a more advanced technique was perfected. It was a continual learning process,” Kologie said.

Back then, the collection and dissemination of information was different from today. Reporters drove to the scene of a sports event, a fire, a school board meeting, and then drove back to the office to type in the information. Today, information is available at any moment.

“The Internet, mobile phones, citizen journalism … and social networking are the new wave in reporting the news,” Kologie said. “You do it yourself, on the Internet or cellphone, and you can get the latest news on anything you want.”

All in all, Kologie said, the effects of technology in recent times have created a revolution in the way journalism thinks of itself.

“People are more connected on levels greater than ever before and the media are bowing to the will of the public domain, and citizen journalism is undermining the old concepts of both who produced the news and who the audience is,” Kologie said.

[Alternate photo, click to view: Carl Kologie addressed students at The Indiana Gazette’s annual reporters’ luncheon. (Tom Peel/Gazette photo)]

He also told the student reporters about some of the highlights of his career:

• He was assigned to cover the first indoor football game between Indiana State College (now IUP) and Montclair State, a game scheduled for Nov. 23, 1963, in Atlantic City. The game was canceled after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22. Kologie went instead to Washington, D.C., and later wrote about waiting in line at the Rotunda of the Capitol to see Kennedy’s body lie in state.

• After covering a high school football game the night before the disastrous Indiana Hotel fire in 1966, he was on the scene early in the morning helping firemen roust people from the Philadelphia Street hotel and then writing about it the next day.

• Country singer Glen Campbell visited the Indiana County town of Glen Campbell in 1971. (The town was founded in 1889 and named for Cornelius Campbell, the first superintendent of the Glenwood Coal Co. in the area). A local girl from Purchase Line was lucky enough to be featured on a cover of TV Guide with the singer, while wearing curlers in her hair.

Kologie also covered the Sugar Bowl in 1979 and 1982, the Orange Bowl in 2006, golf tournaments including the U.S. Open and the Ryder Cup, the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500, among other events.

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