Letter to the Editor: Halvorson campaign ignores facts
May 11, 2014 1:20 AM

There’s not much space needed to respond to Mr. Garry Leach’s May 2 letter to the editor that somehow made it seem as if Congressman Bill Shuster should not be endorsed by the NRA even though he has an A-plus rating with them.

While that part of the letter was strange, the unfortunate section is where he tries to get the readers to think Congressman Shuster supports a vehicle mileage tax.

Through negative radio ads and messages online Art Halvorson has kept up this lie for months.

His problem, however, is it’s not true.

At the last debate in Indiana, Congressman Shuster said that he rejects the VMT and that “it is not going to happen.” This comes weeks following a story on factcheck.org that proved Halvorson’s VMT claims were false.

Instead of bashing the NRA for endorsing Shuster and making up lies about his conservative record, Art Halvorson and his supporters should think about discussing the issues.

Over the last few months Congressman Shuster has told us how he is stopping the War on Coal, why we need to repeal Obamacare, and how he plans to balance the budget.

All we have heard from Art Halvorson and his supporters is how bad anyone is that doesn’t support him.

Christopher Wetherson


IUP student

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