Letter to the Editor: Homer City flag display praised
June 04, 2014 10:55 AM

I would like to commend the Homer City Historical Society for acknowledging the veterans in the Homer City/Center Township area by initiating the purchase of a flag by family members to honor their loved one.

These flags have been displayed on the streets of Homer City since the Memorial Day weekend. This commemoration is a nice tribute to those servicemen who proudly served our country in the military.

With no help from any military organizations, this association worked hard to get the word out about the flags and is pleased that since the flags are being seen, more people are coming forward to purchase flags to recognize their loved one.

The flags will be flown until Veterans Day, and invitation is extended to everyone to come see the flags and see how a community pays recognition to those in uniform.

As quoted from a wall at the Korean War memorial, “Freedom is not free.” There is a price that has to be paid, and these men paid that price proudly and humbly.

C.A. Tyler

Homer City

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