SALTSBURG: Town council rejects property bids
June 03, 2014 10:55 AM

Saltsburg Borough Council rejected bids for the sale of a property during a meeting Monday.

Four bids were declined for a garage and land in a trailer court on Pine Way. The land was acquired by the borough last June, and since, the borough has been cleaning the land and removing the trailers on the property.

Council, after rejecting the bids on the property ranging from $600 to $6,000, decided to replace the roof on the building and use it for borough storage.

According to council President P.J. Hruska, the structure on the property “needs work.”

Also Monday, council sold a 2003 F350 dump truck to Gaudino Bros. LLC., in Freedom, for $3,253 after hearing four bids.

The borough is purchasing a used 2005 F550 dump truck from Young Township — a larger truck with a carbide cutting-edge plow. The vehicle has 67,000 miles on it and was purchased at a special meeting May 13 for $18,000.

A donation of $135 was approved by council for the humane society, an organization that Mayor Elizabeth Rocco said should be supported.

“Anyone who’s thinking of adopting a cat, a dog … by all means, go to the shelter. Those people could use the help and the pets could use a good home,” she said.

Saltsburg resident Dan Rose voiced his concerns at the meeting regarding the borough’s police department, specifically when it comes to ordinance enforcement.

“There’s selective enforcement,” he said. “Whatever is convenient to our cops, they do it; and whatever isn’t, they don’t do it.”

Among the ordinances that are being violated, Rose said, are high grass and junk vehicles on properties.

The quality of some structures in the borough is “unacceptable,” he said. Rose said it is unfair that these properties could bring down the value of surrounding properties.

“Our police force should take the initiative on their own to do this,” Rose said. “I shouldn’t have to come down here … and complain to get things done.”

Rocco said that ordinance enforcement is one of the many topics she’s slated to discuss with the police force during their next meeting.

In addition, she wants to discuss the possibility of creating a three-way stop at the end of Point Street.

“I saw a woman crossing a street the other day with a baby and a stroller … she was nearly hit,” Rocco said. “These stop signs will at least maybe slow them down a little bit and maybe save a life.”

Though council members are not all in favor of a three-way stop, all agreed that the area needs more policing, especially during high-traffic times.

“People in this town are important to me, and I want to make sure that they’re getting the protection that they’re paying for.” Rocco said.

In other news, council:

• Reminded residents that meter parking will be free Friday through Sunday for Canal Days.

• Thanked residents, as well as the fire department, for their help volunteering on Canal Cleanup Days in preparation for the event this weekend.

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