Student exchange seeking host families
June 07, 2014 10:49 AM

International Student Exchange is looking for interested families to host students for their high school exchange program.

Students will be arriving in August.

ISE is the leading not-for-profit sponsor and has been finding homes for international exchange students in the United States for more than 30 years.

They place students from more than 40 countries for either semester or academic year programs.

“We place nearly 3,000 students each year in all 50 states,” Paul McLaughlin, ISE chief operating officer, said in a release. “There’s no ‘typical’ host family. Our host families reflect the wide diversity represented in the U.S.”

The students that are coming over to the U.S. have insurance, bring spending money and speak English.

They are high school age and can attend your local school.

The students are very eager to learn about American culture.

Many students will participate in sports, student activities and volunteering in the local community.

Most families just need to provide a warm and welcoming environment for the exchange student. Host parents also are expected to treat the students just like they are a family member.

The students will be involved in nearly every aspect of family life including holidays, hobbies, family outings and even the occasional household chore.

“The idea is the student becomes part of the family. Students and their host families maintain lifelong bonds. Host families visit their students in their home country, they attend weddings and even exchange holiday gifts each year,” McLaughlin said.

Anyone interested in hosting can contact area representative Karen Koches at (724) 422-5462 or ISE, either through their website ( or by telephone at (800) 766-4656.

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