Letter to the Editor: Visitor finds delightful gems in Indiana
June 20, 2014 10:59 AM

As a lifelong New York City resident, I like that I have friends throughout the country, if only for the opportunity it gives me to visit new towns and cities.

And one of my favorites is Indiana, Pa. With friends from Pittsburgh, I recently made my second visit to Indiana and it was a delight. We enjoyed walking the town’s lovely main street, stopping in the shops, buying shoes in the great shoe store there and relaxing over coffee in the Viennese-like cafe.

As a wonderful surprise, our friends arranged a private, late-afternoon party at the Jimmy Stewart Museum. Having formed a Film-Food-and-Friends club, they were able to rent the museum after closing hours and, with popcorn and wine in hand, we tested our knowledge of Stewart and Hitchcock and had our own screening of “Rear Window.”

Best of all, our party continued with a great meal at Taze Restaurant, which I believe is fairly new in Indiana. We were told that Taze was located in the town’s original train station, but it was completely redone in the most warm and hospitable manner. And the food — well, it was absolutely delicious, much more flavorful than most of the meals I’ve had in New York at less than half their cost. Several weeks later, I still think about my dessert there, now leading my list of “all-time-bests,” and the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

I want to thank all of the people we met in Indiana, who were so gracious and accommodating, and let your readers know what gems an outsider found in your community.

Susan Eberle

New York City

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