Resident seeks Good Samaritan
December 14, 2013 10:49 AM

To the unidentified woman who stopped at the accident scene and offered a bit of comfort to the young driver standing on the road, Tammy Hoover has this to say: “Thank you. And I’d like to return your quilt to you. Call me.”

Hoover, a Center Township resident, reports that her daughter, Kayla, 24, was involved in a traffic accident around 9 p.m. Tuesday on Warren Road in White Township. Hoover said that following the accident, an unidentified woman who happened upon the scene stopped, grabbed a quilt from her vehicle and wrapped it around her shivering daughter, who was standing on the road.

She gave her a hug and a prayer and then she was gone.

“I didn’t get to say anything to her,” said Hoover, who had run out to the scene when she learned of the accident. She said her daughter is OK, although a bit bruised.

Hoover said the quilt seems to be of high quality and likely has some sentimental value sewn into it. So she would like to return it to the kindly stranger, if she can find her.

If you know who this, or if this is you, Hoover would like to hear from you. You can reach her at (724) 349-0105.

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