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Scientists unlock DNA codes for woolly mammoths
2 days ago -
NEW YORK — Scientists are getting their best look yet at the DNA code for the woolly mammoth, thanks to work that could be a step toward bringing back the extinct beast. [Read More]

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More than 2,200 confirmed dead in Nepal earthquake More than 2,200 confirmed dead in Nepal earthquake
11 hours ago -
KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — A powerful aftershock shook Nepal on Sunday, making buildings sway and sending panicked Kathmandu residents running into the streets a day after a massive earthquake left more than 2,200 people dead. [Read More]
Toll from Nepal earthquake mounts Toll from Nepal earthquake mounts
17 hours ago -
KATHMANDU, Nepal — Tens of thousands of Nepalese who spent the night under a chilly sky were jolted awake by strong aftershocks today, and rescuers aided by international teams cleared rubble in search of survivors after an earthquake killed at least 1,865 people across the Himalayan region. [Read More]
White House unveils NSA surveillance report
17 hours ago -
WASHINGTON (AP) — With debate gearing up over the coming expiration of the Patriot Act surveillance law, the Obama administration on Saturday unveiled a six-year-old report examining the once-secret program to collect information on Americans’ calls and emails. [Read More]
VIEWING HARRISBURG: Municipal pension woes stir debate
17 hours ago -
HARRISBURG — They may not yet be at the forefront of policy debates at the Capitol, but Pennsylvania’s municipal pension troubles are stirring more discussion than usual. [Read More]
Seismologists knew temblor was coming
17 hours ago -
Nepal’s devastating earthquake was the disaster experts knew was coming. [Read More]
Stars come out for Washington dinner
17 hours ago -
WASHINGTON — Two secretaries of state, Téa Leoni and Madeleine Albright, arrived arm in arm Saturday as a wide mix of Hollywood and Washington players gathered for the national “Nerd Prom.” [Read More]
Protesters rally in Baltimore Protesters rally in Baltimore
17 hours ago -
BALTIMORE — Thousands of protesters took to the streets Saturday in the largest Freddie Gray rally yet, and after hours of peaceful demonstrations, pockets of protesters smashed out police car windows and storefronts. [Read More]
'Operation Babylift' kids, soldiers reunite 'Operation Babylift' kids, soldiers reunite
17 hours ago -
Forty years after the final flight of Operation Babylift left Vietnam, 20 evacuees and their adopted families gathered Saturday for a reunion along with some of the servicemen who took part in the rescue. [Read More]
Risk, worry await salvage of sunken ferry Risk, worry await salvage of sunken ferry
17 hours ago -
SEOUL, South Korea — Salvaging the corroded, 6,800-ton ferry Sewol from deep beneath a channel notorious for dangerous currents will be difficult, expensive and potentially risky. [Read More]
Man jumps off bridge to avoid car
17 hours ago -
HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (AP) — Authorities say a man trying to help other drivers who had just been in a wreck at the Georgia-South Carolina line is recovering after he jumped from a bridge to avoid being hit. [Read More]
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