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Pennsylvania professors agree to contract, end strike Pennsylvania professors agree to contract, end strike
1 week ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — The union representing striking professors at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and other state-owned schools says it has reached a tentative contract agreement and is ending its walkout, now in a third day. [Read More]

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Pentagon halts efforts to claw back California National Guard bonuses
1 day ago -
Amid a furor of criticism, the Pentagon announced Wednesday that it will suspend efforts to force thousands of California National Guard soldiers to pay back enlistment bonuses and other incentives that were improperly given out during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Read More]
Legislation to overhaul pension benefits stalls Legislation to overhaul pension benefits stalls
1 day ago -
HARRISBURG — Republican-penned legislation to make sweeping changes to benefits in Pennsylvania’s big public pension systems stalled again Wednesday night, amid opposition from Democrats, labor unions and some members of the House GOP majority. [Read More]
ELECTION 2016: Early voting gives Clinton edge in key states ELECTION 2016: Early voting gives Clinton edge in key states
1 day ago -
WASHINGTON — The millions of votes that have been cast already in the U.S. presidential election point to an advantage for Hillary Clinton in critical battleground states, as well as signs of strength in traditionally Republican territory. [Read More]
Hacked emails show fears about Sanders
1 day ago -
WASHINGTON — Allies of Hillary Clinton felt threatened by the power of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ candidacy and wondered about getting some signal of support from President Barack Obama in the heat of the Democratic primaries, according to the latest emails in a hacked trove ... [Read More]
Board: Chief’s DNC appearance was wrong
1 day ago -
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh’s Citizens Police Review Board said the chief violated a city code banning partisan political activity by speaking at the Democratic National Convention in uniform. [Read More]
Ex-Sandusky attorney to serve 20 months
1 day ago -
CARLISLE (AP) — An attorney who helped represent former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky at his child sex abuse trial has been sentenced to 20 months in prison on federal tax evasion charges. [Read More]
Jury selection in Frein case set for March
1 day ago -
MILFORD (AP) — A man charged with fatally ambushing a state police trooper and wounding another near a rural barracks in eastern Pennsylvania will travel to another county for jury selection in March. [Read More]
Pennsylvania Turnpike: Firms owe $1.5 million Pennsylvania Turnpike: Firms owe $1.5 million
1 day ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — The Pennsylvania Turnpike is trying to shame trucking firms and other commercial haulers into coughing up more than $1.5 million in unpaid tolls. [Read More]
Ex-judge's regrets could help cut kingpin's sentence
1 day ago -
PITTSBURGH — A former judge’s regret could lead to the early release of a drug kingpin whose case became well-known because of its connection to an organ transplant that saved Pennsylvania’s ailing governor in 1993. [Read More]
Some Pennsylvania schools ban clown costumes
1 day ago -
BENSALEM (AP) — Several eastern Pennsylvania school districts targeted by scary clown threats or hoaxes in recent weeks are banning clown costumes for Halloween parties. [Read More]
Protesters brace for confrontation Protesters brace for confrontation
1 day ago -
CANNON BALL, N.D. — Protesters trying to stop construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline were bracing for a confrontation with police today after the demonstrators refused to leave private land in the pipeline’s path. [Read More]
Kidney patients jump ahead thanks to hepatitis C Kidney patients jump ahead thanks to hepatitis C
1 day ago -
WASHINGTON — Some patients facing a years-long wait for a kidney transplant are jumping ahead in line thanks to a startling experiment: They’re agreeing to an organ almost sure to infect them with hepatitis C. [Read More]
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