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Wallet squeeze: Apartment rents projected to rise again Wallet squeeze: Apartment rents projected to rise again
4 days ago -
Living in an apartment? Expect your rent to go up again. [Read More]

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GOP counters Wolf on property tax plan
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG — The sponsor of House Republicans’ counter-proposal to Gov. Tom Wolf’s property-tax relief plan outlined the details Tuesday and said the GOP blueprint would provide a straightforward shift of nearly $5 billion to slash local tax bills. [Read More]
The one president all of them want to be more like The one president all of them want to be more like
3 days ago -
WASHINGTON — In an exhibition just a few dozen feet from where Abraham Lincoln died 150 years ago hangs a picture of President Barack Obama taking the oath of office. [Read More]
Senate panel passes bill on Iran nuclear deal
3 days ago -
WASHINGTON — The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved legislation granting Congress a voice in negotiations on the Iran nuclear accord, sending the once-controversial legislation to the full Senate after President Barack Obama withdrew his opposition rather than face a bipartisan rebuke. [Read More]
French lawmakers target anorexic models, cigarettes French lawmakers target anorexic models, cigarettes
3 days ago -
PARIS — Too-thin models, too much drinking, sexy cigarette packs: France’s parliament is cracking down on all of these in a sweeping bill designed to improve public health and trim public health costs, while tackling unhealthy stereotypes along the way. [Read More]
Cubans hail removal from list of state terror sponsors Cubans hail removal from list of state terror sponsors
3 days ago -
HAVANA — Cuban officials and ordinary citizens alike hailed the island’s removal from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, saying the move by President Barack Obama heals a decades-old insult to national pride and clears the way to swiftly restore diplomatic relations. [Read More]
Stay active to keep brain sharp, report says
3 days ago -
WASHINGTON — Those lost car keys that were an annoyance in your 30s can spark major anxiety in your 60s. Turns out it’s pretty normal: The brain ages just like the rest of your body, says a new report that urges Americans to take steps to keep sharp in their senior years. [Read More]
Bill would resolve survivor disputes
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — Majority rule by survivors would resolve disputes over what to do with the remains of a dead person under a bill that’s on its way to the Pennsylvania state Senate. [Read More]
DAs take aim at Wolf's death penalty moratorium
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association said Tuesday that Gov. Tom Wolf’s death penalty moratorium could affect plea bargains and how judges and juries view executions, arguing it violates elements of the state constitution. [Read More]
Firefighters help 5-year-old who climbed tree
3 days ago -
STATE COLLEGE (AP) — Firefighters had to be called to help a 5-year-old Pennsylvania boy out of a tree after he climbed up 30 feet to see the inside of a squirrel nest. [Read More]
Merit system for judges under study
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — State lawmakers are proposing a system of picking Pennsylvania appeals court judges based on merit to change the current system of elected jurists. [Read More]
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