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Scientists unlock DNA codes for woolly mammoths
3 days ago -
NEW YORK — Scientists are getting their best look yet at the DNA code for the woolly mammoth, thanks to work that could be a step toward bringing back the extinct beast. [Read More]

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Benghazi panel seeks more from Clinton
3 days ago -
WASHINGTON — As Hillary Rodham Clinton steps up her presidential campaign, she can expect to face more rounds of public questioning over the 2012 Benghazi attacks in Libya and her use of a private email account while she was secretary of state. [Read More]
Casey to endorse Hillary Clinton
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey is preparing to publicly endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for president. [Read More]
Man sentenced for fraud
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — Authorities say a man who ran various labor staffing services in Pennsylvania is facing just over three years in prison for failing to pay about $1 million in federal employment taxes. [Read More]
Judge delays part of governor's order
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG — A Pennsylvania judge put a hold Thursday on an element of a policy by Gov. Tom Wolf that critics describe as an illegal attempt to unionize home care workers who look after elderly and disabled people. [Read More]
Students injured when stage collapses
3 days ago -
WESTFIELD, Ind. — More than a dozen people were injured after a stage filled with students collapsed during a musical performance at a central Indiana high school, authorities said. [Read More]
Mistaken killings by U.S. drone show limits of surveillance
3 days ago -
WASHINGTON — The accidental killing of al-Qaida hostages in Pakistan by a U.S. drone, which President Barack Obama called a regrettable mistake, illustrates the limitations of U.S. intelligence even in a region that has been closely watched for more than a decade. [Read More]
Lawyer: Detainee had no seat belt Lawyer: Detainee had no seat belt
3 days ago -
BALTIMORE — No video captured what happened to Freddie Gray inside the police van where officers heaved him into a metal compartment after pinning him to a sidewalk. The cause of his fatal spine injury has not been revealed. [Read More]
Bra bandit strikes again
3 days ago -
WILKES-BARRE (AP) — A bra bandit has struck again at a northeast Pennsylvania mall. [Read More]
Drexel mistakenly congratulates the rejected
3 days ago -
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Drexel University in Philadelphia is apologizing to hundreds of applicants who were denied admission but then mistakenly received follow-up emails congratulating them on getting in. [Read More]
Thief sneaks ice cream cooler past sleeping store clerk
3 days ago -
OAKLAND PARK, Fla. (AP) — Deputies in Florida say a thief worked for 15 minutes to drag a cooler full of Good Humor ice cream past a sleeping clerk at a gas station near Fort Lauderdale. [Read More]
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