Blairsville assembly

Pictured, from left, are Blairsville High School seniors Cassidy Houser, Sarah Maryai, Olivia Long, Catherine Martin, Haley Dick and Rena Enterline, learning support teacher Tara Maruca and Judge Gary DeComo. (Blairsville High School)

The slogan, “Drugs Kill Dreams” has an interesting connection to Blairsville High. It was produced by one of Blairsville High School’s teachers, Tara Maruca, when she was just a 10-year-old fourth-grader at Lenape Elementary School. This slogan shows just how addictive life-threatening drugs are in just three straightforward words.

“I wanted to deliver the message and statement as efficient and as simple as I could make it,” Maruca said. “I never thought the slogan would have taken off as much as it has and I’m thankful that I have helped individuals that I don’t even know in a time of need.”

DeComo gives credit to Maruca for the slogan she created to promote the program.

The assembly included a 30-minute video of local health care professionals along with Pittsburgh athletes including Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and Penguins star Sidney Crosby. These athletes expressed the slogan “Drugs Kill Dreams” and continued with “Don’t let drugs kill your dreams.”

The informational video continued with advice and stories from real-life abusers from their prison cells. The abusers spoke in the video about the decisions they regret making in the past.

DeComo also spoke about his own observation and experiences with people of all ages who had abused drugs and alcohol in their lifetime. DeComo explained how the wrong life-changing decisions anyone could and will make when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse will hurt your future tremendously.