Blairsville video contest

Blairsville Middle School eighth-graders recently worked with technology teacher Michael Funyak to create a manufacturing video at Clark Metal Products to compete in a video contest called “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Pictured are, from left, Jolene Cribbs, Jackson Vukman, Paige Podolski and Daniel McGinity. (Blairsville High School)

The purpose of the contest is for students to become more involved in manufacturing.

“What intrigued me to enter the contest was I always felt like I had a calling for making commercials,” said student participant Jolene Cribbs.

“This was just a doorway to a hallway of life choices I was willing to make. I really enjoyed it! Plus, to get into the group, we had to write an essay, which I love writing! It turned out that I met the awesome people of Clark Metals and opened my eyes to ‘What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?’”

Funyak expressed confidence in his team and the video they have created for contest, which can be voted on at from Monday to March 16. Blairsville will be competing in the Pittsburgh East division.

Funyak has already made fliers for around the local communities in hopes to win contest not only for himself, but for the students who worked very hard in bringing their video on manufacturing together.

The link will also be made available on the Blairsville-Saltsburg school website, The Blairsville-Saltsburg School District is the only school entering in the contest in Indiana County.

The whole purpose of the contest is to get students more interested in the manufacturing field and to show them that it is not as “dirty” as it once was.

Catalyst Connection, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization, sponsors the contest in order to give students the opportunity to understand how manufacturing jobs work. The contest provides great insight in the access in learning different machinery techniques.

It also gives students the ability to explore things they might want to do when they are older in the particular job field.

“I feel that combining our school district with one of our very own local manufacturing companies will strengthen the bond between the school and the manufacturing environment,” Funyak said.