Blairsville Model UN

Fourteen Blairsville High School students traveled to Pitt Model United Nations to simulate the process of international diplomacy. Pictured are, front row from left, Amy Kukula, Kourtney Horchar, Catherine Martin, Faith Yanoff, Kylie Jasper and Mary Tran; second row, Rena Enterline, Nicole Bush, Joy Swasy, Brandon Rebo and Jillian Barger; and back row, Devin Burkhart, Kyle McConnell, Dave Dollman and Luke Duffey. (Blairsville High School)

The Pitt Model United Nations offers high school students a simulation of the diplomatic process involved in solving international problems. Blairsville students acted as delegates for the countries of Togo and Haiti and were expected to research problems specific to their committee.

Once each committee identified the problems, they had to create solutions and present their ideas to other countries. The main goal was to capture votes to pass that solution. Students were able to choose one of the four different committees: World Health Organization, Special Political and Decolonization, United Nations Environmental Programme and Commission on the Status of Women.

Dollman allowed the students to choose the one that best interested them for the overall success of the program.

“I enjoyed giving the students the opportunity to see what’s outside the Blairsville area, to give them the opportunity to see other students, possibly culture, and even different environments,” Dollman said. “They would have more opportunities than if they stayed in the bubble of school.”

Student participants say the opportunity has really expanded some of their minds and allowed them to interact with lots of other students from different schools.

Junior Jillian Barger said, “It was interesting to see all the other schools go, what a bigger school can do, and having the same opportunity as them.”

Of all of the students that participated there were a total of six juniors: Amy Kukula, Kylie Jasper, Jillian Barger, Devin Burkhart, Luke Duffey and Kourtney Horchar. Eight seniors also attended: Nicole Bush, Faith Yanoff, Kyle McConnell, Mary Tran, Catherine Martin, Rena Enterline, Brandon Rebo and Joy Swasy.