Blairsville sweater contest

Blairsville High School juniors Emily Risinger, Makayla Whitfield, Blake Tonkin and Madison Kennedy-Citeroni donned their ugly Christmas sweaters during a competition sponsored by the student council. (Shanie Denney/Blairsville High School)

Teachers Laura Thompson and James Buckles have decided to be co-advisers for this year’s student council.

In all, 34 students will be taking it upon themselves to get students more involved in school activities.

“This is an example year. Those who want to be involved and do nothing will be taken notice of. Each person is basically representing their class,” Thompson said.

This year, student council plans on organizing events at least once a month so high school students can start getting more into school spirit.

In particular, to get into the Christmas spirit, student council planned a Christmas sweater contest consisting of ugliest, ugliest homemade, most obnoxious/flashiest, “punniest” and best overall Christmas outfit.

Student council has already started its first fundraiser. Students will be selling Divine Dips as a start of accumulating money to give back toward school events at the end of the year.

“I’m very excited for this year’s student council,” said senior Mary Tran.

“There’s a lot of new projects we’ve been working on.”