Blairsville Challenge Program

Blairsville High School students were presented scholarship awards from the Challenge Program sponsored by WyoTech. Pictured are, from left, Arnold Thimons of WyoTech, Blairsville students Matt Jackson, Tyler Moran, Ray Lawson, Nicole Bush, Paige Palmer, Nicholas Tauriello, Hanna Alamo, Matelyn McAfoos and Nicolas Boord, and Amy Beitel of WyoTech. (Courtney Scherf/Blairsville High School)

The Challenge Program chose both juniors and seniors based on several different aspects of school performance last year. Each student received a $200 award during the assembly, which also kicked off this year’s contest.

The attendance award was given to junior Paige Palmer and senior Tyler Moran. The STEM award was given to junior Nicolas Boord and senior Matt Jackson. The community service award was given to junior Hanna Alamo and senior Raynard Lawson. The academic improvement award was given to junior Nicholas Tauriello and senior Tyler Moran. The academic excellence award was given to junior Matelyn McAfoos and senior Nicole Bush.

The Challenge Program has a multi-step process for selecting winners. First, the field of candidates is cut down to the top 10 percent of students who meet award criteria. Next, the winner in each category is selected from a lottery system. The reason for this is to make sure that students all feel they have the chance to win.

The Challenge Program seeks to motivate students to develop the solid work habits required to succeed in school and in their future careers.

During this year’s launch assembly on Oct. 19, many other Blairsville High School students performed a skit, which was an educational version of “Family Feud.” The categories were the award categories for the program.

The feud game was hosted by Sarah Deyarmin Jones of the Challenge Program. Arnold Thimons and Amy Beitel of WyoTech presented the awards to students.