Indiana Wesleyan choir performance

The Northwest Indian Bible School choir of Alberton, Mont., gave a concert of sacred music at Indiana Wesleyan School in Dixonville. The choir is shown here with the student body of IWS. (Rick Markel/Indiana Wesleyan School)

Students from the Northwest Indian Bible School came to Indiana Wesleyan School on Tuesday, April 9, to present a concert of sacred music.

The choir traveled thousands of miles on this tour. NIBS staff accompanied the choir, including Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Camp and their six children, and Brandon Cope, a student at Allegheny Wesleyan College in Salem, Ohio, who is serving an internship at NIBS this semester. Cope will be on staff starting with the 2019-20 school year, serving in the boys’ dorm.

NIBS held its first class in 1969, and, according to school President William Cope, the curriculum is “designed to teach students to love and live for Christ” and “to develop an individual’s skill set, so that they can be an industrious contribution to their culture.”

The school is located at Alberton, Mont., on 250 mountainous, tree-covered acres, and provides training in life skills and ethics, as well as academics. Students help with farming chores, chopping and stacking wood for heat, and with grounds and building upkeep. Classes in cooking, sewing, gardening and health care are taught, along with logging, carpentry, welding, drafting and mechanics.

Students at NIBS come from many tribes across the United States and Canada.

During the introduction, some of the members of the choir identified themselves as Sioux or Navaho.

After the concert, lunch was provided at IWS. Then the NIBS students played volleyball with the IWS high school students, before starting off to their next concert in Wolf Summit, W.Va.

Students and staff at IWS were pleased to be a part of the 2019 schedule of the NIBS choir.