Indiana Wesleyan speaker

The Rev. Paul Houseworth spoke at Indiana Wesleyan School’s chapel service. (Indiana Wesleyan School)

Every year, all pupils are expected to take one Bible course, and the students have prayer at the beginning of the day, at lunch and at the end of the day. However, probably the most noticeable Scriptural emphasis is Friday morning in chapel.

In chapel, the students and teachers sing a few songs together and have prayer.

They also take an offering to support teenagers who are with their parents on the mission field.

After these preliminaries, the main part of chapel begins when the speaker goes up front to give what he or she has prepared. The speaker may be a special guest who came in especially for chapel, or may be one of the school’s staff. The speaker may tell a story that has a moral to it, give a talk illustrated with pictures or an easel, or give a sermon.

Some who have spoken in chapel so far this year are the Rev. Josh Neidermeyer, Mrs. LaDawnya Taylor, the Rev. Steve Cassidy, the Rev. Steve Kunselman and the Rev. Paul Houseworth.

These, of course, are not the only ones who have helped out in chapel. Chapel services are always inspiring and uplifting, and IWS is thankful to those who take the time to come speak.