Mahaffey Christian School tree sap

The Life 101 class from Mahaffey Christian School recently learned how to set up the system for harvesting maple sap. From left, Travis Keister and Will Hoch watched Principal Rick Cessna instructing Amy Carpenter (far right); at center, Hoyt Carpenter drilled a hole for the tap. (Brooke Farmery/Mahaffey Christian School)

In home ec class last week, the students made breakfast after lunch. Each student had a part in the warming of corn tortillas, caramelizing the peppers and onions, and cutting and baking the bacon.

The main event was selecting eggs from a collection that included turkey eggs, banty eggs in a variety of sizes and colors, and tiny, beautifully colored quail eggs.

Students fried or scrambled their own eggs and then fixed their breakfast using the corn tortillas. A delicious learning experience!

Here is a little update on how the maple sap collection is going. Students in Life 101 set up the line a few weeks ago on a field trip to Principal Rick Cessna’s woods. So far the buckets have collected almost 35 gallons of sap. It takes about 50 gallons of sap to get one gallon of syrup, so the class is not quite ready to make maple syrup.

First-grade student Bristol Farmery took her horse to another horse show at Windfall Farms last weekend. She took first place in egg-and-spoon and water challenge. Farmery received second in barrels, poles and dollar bareback, and third in keyhole and treat challenge. Bristol again received the Grand Champion ruffle, and if she receives Grand Champion one more time, she will receive a ribbon for her horse, Checkers. Farmery said that she loves participating in the horse show, and the next show is scheduled for Feb. 23. Good luck, Bristol!

On the 27th of this month, students, faculty and staff will be partaking of another special lunch that is a fund-raiser for the senior class trip. The lunch will include the famous hoagies made by the Indiana Wesleyan School, a variety of chips and drinks. Everyone looks forward to these special lunches and appreciates the work of those who make them happen.