Mahaffey birdhouses

Mahaffey Christian School students posed in shop class with the first project of the school year. In front, from left, are Will Hoch, Hoyt Carpenter, Brooke Farmery and Amy Carpenter. In the back, from left: Mr. Max Johnston, Travis Keister, Dale Carpenter and Mr. Caleb Smith. (Photo by Craig Davis)

This shop class has been offered to the junior and senior high students.

Instructors for this class are Mr. Max Johnston and Mr. Caleb Smith. Students have been working on a birdhouse project since the first week of school.

Each student made the same design of birdhouse, but was able to customize with shades of stain.

Some of the students used a torch to burn the wood, and then sealed with coats of clear stain.

Students signed their work on the bottom right corner of each birdhouse by burning their full name and the year 2019 into the wood.

The plans for the birdhouses were obtained through the Pennsylvania Game News.

Any species of bird might choose to live in the birdhouse; it just has to feel like home for any bird to settle in and raise a family.

Dale Carpenter, a senior, and his brother Hoyt, an eighth-grader, plan to place their birdhouses on their hunting grounds.

Sophomore Travis Keister said, “It’s a nice way to help nature.”

Johnston and the class chose this project as a way to give back to God’s creation, and they hope that some of the students will donate their birdhouses to a local park or nursing home.

Each student will have the responsibility to monitor the birdhouses and see what kind of birds call it home. All of the students enjoyed this project.