Marion Center paint party

Mrs. Jill Cirelli recently led a “Paint Party” fundraiser for the Art Club. (Marion Center High School)

Typically, the go-to items to sell are food-based, but with so many clubs and activities joining in on the food fundraising hype, it can be hard to make a considerable profit and make yourself and your club stick out from the rest.

The Art Club, as it has for many years, is stepping outside of the box and creating fundraisers that will directly benefit the students, while still keeping the idea of art in mind.

Last week, Marion Center High School’s Art Club hosted its first “Paint Party.” Just like it sounds, this “Paint Party” invited anyone to come and make a fall-themed painting, talk, listen to music and enjoy some time with others with the same interests, art.

Club members helped guide the attendees along in their painting, allowing them to make the best of their time there.

“I was really proud to see how well they did,” club adviser and art teacher Mrs. Jill Cirelli said.

“The kids have been working really hard for many years.”

This year, the club hopes to take a trip to New York, to either visit art museums, see a musical or something similar. With such high ambitions, the club has needed to come up with unique ideas in order to meet their goal.

With the funds needing to come quickly, and the possible trip approaching, the Art Club is working its hardest in order to raise enough money to help the cost.

As the holiday season starts rounding the corner, people can expect to see ornaments made by the pottery students and other holiday gifts or decorations for sale. There is a possibility of a paint/glaze your own ornament night at the school in the coming months.

Keep an eye out for any future fundraisers the Art Club has to bring; you may find something you can love, while still supporting some of the school’s most creative students.