Marion Center solar

Members of the Project Earth Club, from left, seniors Sierra Wilson, Tarrina Christy and Matt Himes, stood with a solar panel to promote Thursday’s meeting on solar energy. (Marion Center High School)

Although many of the benefits are widely known, people still don’t switch. Solar energy is beneficial in many ways, including most people’s favorite way — cost. Going solar is a cost-efficient way to get power for your home that helps the homeowner and the environment.

In Pennsylvania and around the country, solar energy is spreading, but why aren’t more people switching over to this new and helpful technology? The answer is the same with most new things: People are afraid to make the change because they don’t know enough.

Marion Center High School’s Project Earth Club is moving to make that change and educate people on the benefits of switching to solar energy.

Marion Center High School is hosting an informational meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday in the auditorium on going solar. The meeting will be conducted by Solar United Neighbors, a nonprofit organization helping thousands of homeowners switch to solar energy.

This free meeting will help to show people the benefits of going solar, and will help to answer any of the questions homeowners may have.