Penns Manor FFA Week

Junior Zachary O’Neal and senior Cecil Pantall squared off during the final round of musical hay bales at the Penns Manor FFA Week assembly. (Penns Manor yearbook staff)

This week is observed by FFA chapters throughout the country, and the Penns Manor chapter chose to use the activities of the week to raise money for the United Way.

Students were encouraged to dress according to specific themes throughout the week, including “Wear Your Favorite Truck or Tractor Brand” on Tuesday, “Hat Day” on Wednesday, “Cowboy Day” on Thursday and “Blue and Gold Day” on Friday. Blue and gold are FFA’s official colors.

On Wednesday, the Penns Manor FFA chapter held a breakfast at the school to raise money for the United Way. The breakfast raised $206, and the local chapter plans to contribute an additional $294, for a total donation of $500.

“People involved in the club helped cook the food and distributed it to the students and teachers,” said senior Brittany Stapleton, Penns Manor FFA president.

Junior Morgan Baker, Penns Manor FFA vice president, said, “The breakfast was a very successful outcome and we will continue to do it in the future.”

On Feb. 22, the chapter hosted an assembly that was attended by Penns Manor students in grades six through 12 and was emceed by Baker.

The assembly was very interactive for students and included many activities, including milk chugging, pie eating, pin the tail on the donkey, hay bale tossing and relay races. It also included games of coin in the corn, a game in which students searched for a coin buried in kernels of corn; feed the pig, a corn-hole-type game in which students threw a bean bag into the mouth of a wooden pig; and musical hay bales, a version of musical chairs in which students compete for space on a decreasing number of hay bales.

Senior Thomas Hamilton won the milk-chugging contest; seventh-grader Carter Smith won the pie-eating contest; ninth-grader Hunter Hagerman won pin the tail on the donkey; sophomore Hayden Isenberg won the hay bale toss; seniors Gretchen Meagher and Nathan Miller and freshmen Noah Kohan and Joey Johnston won the relay race; senior Morgan Buterbaugh won coin in the corn; freshman Nolan Detwiler won feed the pig; and junior Zachary O’Neal won musical hay bales.

The winners were all awarded with candy presented by the Penns Manor FFA chapter.