Seeds of Faith mentoring program

Victoria Sharp, left, recently participated in Seeds of Faith Christian Academy’s mentoring program. (Seeds of Faith Christian Academy)

To get elementary students interested in arithmetic, Seeds of Faith Christian Academy has decided to combine elementary and high school students once a month to come together to play math games.

Instead of just learning math by sitting down in the classroom doing routine math drills, Seeds of Faith has decided to change it up a bit and make it fun by incorporating games and prizes into our lessons.

Here’s how it works: Each child has an individual high school mentor, if needed, to help them play the game.

There is one high school student per grade who is in charge of teaching and directing the game.

All children must play along even if they are deficient at math. Having the high school students combined with the elementary students makes the younger kids excited that they get to be with an older student who cares about them.

This type of relationship with a big kid makes the younger ones want to do well in the game by impressing their mentors and their peers by wanting to excel in math.

Each high school student celebrates their buddy, even if they don’t get the right answer, by encouraging them to do better next time and gently teaching them how to do the problem. At the end of each game, there is a challenge question and whoever gets the challenge question correct, without the help of their mentor, gets a prize from the prize box.

Everyone gets a sticker at the end, as long as they participated to the best of their ability.

Mrs. Caldwell, history and English teacher, said, “It is so encouraging to watch the elementary students get excited about a subject that they might find difficult, but as a high school teacher myself, it is also exciting to watch the older children encourage their elementary buddies with math.”

Seeds of Faith is trying to make math something that is thought of in a positive manner rather than a negative one, and what better way to do that than through fun, interactive and thrilling games? Not only has the mentoring program encouraged younger children to exceed in math, but it has also started jubilant relationships between the youngest and oldest students at Seeds of Faith Christian Academy.

Besides mentoring elementary students in math, we also write letters back and forth as pen pals to work on their writing skills.

This gives the older students another chance to share the Lord with the younger students and our younger students really enjoy hearing about what the older students are up to.

Once a month, our high school and elementary students come together to sit with their buddies at chapel and learn about Jesus.

Our chapel service provides an opportunity for our elementary and high school students to develop a closer relationship with each other and with our Savior.

As we worship God and exalt the Lord together, we have the privilege of experiencing what is essential to the vision of Seeds of Faith Christian Academy.