UNITED  name and colors slide

The purpose of this week was to raise awareness of social isolation while helping students and the school community understand how to prevent it.

Social isolation is when people feel left out or alone. They may struggle with different social tasks such as participating in school activities, making new friends and getting involved in the world around them.

Social isolation is an ongoing problem in schools today and can lead to even bigger problems, so United is working to end social isolation once and for all.

During the week, students participated in a variety of activities geared toward decreasing social isolation. Each day had a different theme.

On Monday, a photo booth with fun props was set up at lunch, and music played while students posed for pictures. Tuesday was “School Would ‘Knot’ Be the Same Without You” day, and each student received a friendship bracelet.

Wednesday was a day to wear green and purple as well as “No One Eats Alone” day. Students also played the game Headbanz during their lunch period. Thursday was a day for cups and compliments. Students wrote a compliment on a cup that was filled with popcorn and gifted it to someone else. Finally, Friday was “Mix It Up” day, when students were encouraged to wear mismatched clothing and mix up their friend groups by making new friends.

Overall, United saw a positive change in the student community thanks to this week of fun activities geared toward ending social isolation.