West Shamokin creative writing

Students in Mrs. Kim Johnson’s creative writing class at West Shamokin consider themselves lucky to have a place to express themselves through words. This class made a comeback this year and it is a perfect time, giving students an outlet for their thoughts. (West Shamokin High School)

This semester, Johnson has one section of this class with a total of six students, but this is just the beginning for Creative Writing. This class has been offered at West Shamokin for at least 14 years, but this is the first time in 10 years that it has been taught.

This class is important for students because many people need a creative outlet. Many choose art or music, but creative writing exists as another option.

It’s not just a class for English majors or people who want to be writers, either; it can help develop a person’s communication skills and can help anyone become a better reader and writer. It also enhances a person’s ability to be empathetic and can work wonders for mental health.

Johnson said the course itself has been an elective option since she was in high school nearly 20 years ago, and she took it with Mrs. Sandy Bradigan at Kittanning High School, although then it was called Writing for Communication.

However, it was only with the help of the other English teachers at West Shamokin that they drummed up enough interest in students to get the course back on the schedule this year.

When asked what types of writing will be explored this year, Johnson said, “I do my best to allow students to choose the direction we go as a class. So far this year, students have selected to write movie reviews, short stories and fables.”

Johnson’s class may be small but they do work hard to create writing that is both interesting as a reader and as a writer. As a student in this class it is believed that every student should experience it; it has helped the students to express themselves in different ways rather than through sports, which is what many are used to.

This class is very independent and gives students room to be both creative and unique in their own way. They also learn a lot about how to write and find it helpful with other classes where they are expected to write.

The Creative Writing class is essential for students and they are encouraged to take it. Here at West Shamokin, we know students will love this class and learn a lot from it.