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The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry said seasonally adjusted unemployment went down 1 percentage point in October, to 7.3 percent.

That was 2.7 percentage points above the October 2019 level.

Additionally, over the past six months, Pennsylvania has recovered 56.3 percent of the total nonfarm jobs lost in March and April, when the COVID-19 pandemic emergency began.

By comparison, the national rate also fell 1 percentage point September to 6.9 percent. It is up 3.3 percentage points from October 2019.

State Labor & Industry officials said the state’s civilian labor force decreased 75,000 over the month due to declines in both employment (the number of residents working) and unemployment (those who are jobless and looking for work).

Pennsylvania’s total nonfarm jobs were up 18,800 over the month to 5,622,100 in October.

L&I officials said jobs increased in eight of 11 industry supersectors, with the largest monthly volume gain being 7,300 jobs in trade, transportation and utilities.

State officials said total nonfarm jobs in Pennsylvania were down over the past 12 months by 455,900, or 7.5 percent, with declines in 10 of 11 supersectors.

Local area data for October, including that for Indiana County, will be released on or after Dec. 1.