Rep. Jim Struzzi landscape

Rep. Jim Struzzi

Rep. Jim Struzzi, R-Indiana, Tuesday announced that he has introduced legislation, House Bill 1804, that would reform the standards used for the Small and Disadvantaged Business Program (SDB) under the Department of General Services.

This program provides small and disadvantaged businesses with specialized considerations, including alternative bonding and progress payments, access to business assistance offices within agencies, and targeted outreach by procurement officials.

Under current statute, the 100-employee limit for eligibility applies across all industry sectors. This legislation would allow the department to reform these limits and set maximum employee limits for participation in the SDB program according to industry.

“The blanket 100-employee limit is not rational for every industry. For certain industries, a 100-employee business is very large; in others, it is very small,” Struzzi said in a news release.

“Reforming these employee limits would allow DGS take this into account when determining eligibility for this program, which will help these businesses succeed by making them eligible for more programs and assistance.”

This legislation would also re-establish the authority for DGS to promulgate regulations for the related Veteran-Owned Small Business Program.