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BLAIRSVILLE: Classes playing virtual stock market game

by KAITLYN LIPINSKI on March 01, 2013 11:00 AM

BLAIRSVILLE — This upcoming week, Government and Economics senior classes will be participating in the Stock Market Game. The game follows the real-life stock market, where a group of students will place orders of the stock, and then the group “owns” that. The only real difference between the game and the real stock market is that the students will be dealing with virtual money.

“To me, that’s the important part, because it allows students to make mistakes without real penalties,” said teacher David Dollman.

The game is also turned into a competition, because the students will be trying to profit from their virtual stock.

They will be trying to do this from not only their individual classes and school, but also in the entire region, which is the largest in Pennsylvania.

Senior Meghan Sleasman said, “I think this gives us a better understanding of what goes on in the real stock market and how we can become a part of it. I think it allows us to expand our knowledge about the economy and what all really does go into the whole process of stocks.”

Dollman wants his students to have some knowledge of the stock market as well as an opportunity that he never had.

He said, “I want the seniors to be exposed to real-world situations. That being said, who knows what the future is for the seniors? They may one day consider getting involved in the stock market for real, and at least they have an idea of what to do.”

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