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BLAIRSVILLE: Teachers help school to make a difference

by BOBBI ANN PEASE, Gazette Student News Reporters on October 26, 2012 11:00 AM

BLAIRSVILLE -- This Saturday is Blairsville Middle and High School Make a Difference Day.

This will be the second year for the local event; it was started by Blairsville High graduate Kathryn Jones last year.

This day is designed for students to come out and make a difference to their school.

Teacher Mark Wydareny, who has helped organize this event, has a lot of goals including renovation of the school's courtyard and picking up the litter all around the campus.

"I have very high hopes for this cleanup. I look forward to the possibility of using the courtyard and making a difference for future high school students," says junior and student organizer Nadia Tillman.

Wydareny hopes to have the courtyard utilized for small group activities and to maybe eventually create a small pond for science and biology classes.

Also, if enough students participate, Wydareny hopes to have the elementary courtyard renovated.

"Students need to feel a sense of purpose, and we all need beauty in our lives. I think students enjoy having the chance to improve where they spend most of their days."

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