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CALVARY BAPTIST ACADEMY: School holds variety of fundraisers

by PAIGE HEIPLE and DALE PEARCE, Gazette Student News Reporters on October 26, 2012 11:00 AM

CLYMER -- This week at Calvary Baptist Academy, the students have been rather busy. As the school year progresses, more and more fundraisers have started.

On Oct. 18, the academy hosted a community night fundraiser event. This fundraiser lasted throughout the day at a restaurant in the community. Hoss's Steak and Sea House in White Township allowed the academy to hand out tickets to friends and family. Because of the overwhelming response, the academy earned 25 percent of every meal purchased.

On Oct. 20, the academy held its annual Chrysler Drive for the Kids. Each year the Chrysler dealer sends a representative to the school along with three to five Chrysler cars. The students sign up friends and family for a drive time.

On Saturday, these drivers were allowed to drive the newest Chrysler models. Once they had finished driving, they then filled out a survey. Each survey benefited the junior and senior classes. There were 140 people who helped the juniors and seniors in this Chrysler Drive fundraiser. Thanks to the people who came out to drive, both classes now hold the record number of drivers.

Last weekend the academy also hosted an apple butter fundraiser. Throughout the day and all night many people came to help, constantly stirring the kettles of boiling apple butter cooking over an open fire. Some people watched the process, never having seen anything quite like that. It was amazing to watch; it was like bringing back Colonial times to see the apple butter cooking over an open fire. After cooking for a certain amount of time the apple butter was then ready to be canned. Parents, friends and students all helped in the various processes. The students were able to sell and distribute over 1,700 pints of apple butter.

It was wonderful to see all these people come together to make the apple butter. Without their help, it would not have been possible to finish the job so quickly. The academy is thankful to Helman's Apple Barn for supplying the apples and the expertise in making the apple butter.

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