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HARMONY: Teachers, students express opinions

by NICOLE ELLI, Gazette Student News Reporter on October 26, 2012 11:00 AM

WESTOVER -- Last week I informed you about the renovation at Harmony High School. This week I got the teachers' and students' views on this project.

Both the teachers and students I interviewed said that the renovation will be great for our school.

Ellie Neff, the middle school language arts teacher said, "The construction is greatly needed to save our school building from further damage due to rain, etc. The inside work will bring our school up to date with more efficient power and plumbing."

Freshman student Maria LaMagna agreed, saying, "Although the construction is pretty annoying and disruptive, I do think that our school will be much better when it's all finished. We'll have some new classrooms and new locker rooms. The school needed to be fixed."

The renovation has affected everyone from elementary students to staff and administration. The teachers seem to be more affected personally, with Neff saying, "I have had to move to different rooms to read to the elementary students because the library is being used as a classroom."

Most of the students say that the construction is annoying, but it has not affected their ability to do their schoolwork.

When it comes to communication, most people feel like everyone is well-informed. Armond Walter, the new music teacher, said, "The administration is doing a wonderful job of keeping everyone up to speed on the renovations."

Even as a new teacher, he said that he does not feel overwhelmed and the renovation is an exciting process.

The entire school shares the same view on what this project will mean for our school. Both the students and teachers agreed that even though sometimes the construction is inconvenient, everyone seems to be adapting well and the finished product will be outstanding for Harmony.

In other news, the Harmony High School marching band attended their first field show on Oct. 13. Since Harmony does not have a football team, this was their first opportunity to perform a field show. They practiced at multiple after-school practices and day camps on their painted football field next to the school.

The show was at Meadville, a school near Erie where the new Harmony band director, Walter, had previously taught. The band played three tunes with formations and movement. At the end of the show, each band received a plaque and went to the middle school for pizza and cookies.

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